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welcome to the brain vent

7 January 1987
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  • falconsoko@livejournal.com
Ok, this one time I was sufin' the net, donin' nothin' mutch, when BAM! there was an evil advertisement that took out my computer (KA-POW!). So, then I was banished to the lonely world of realspace, where there was talking and looking and everything was in three dimensions. It was terrifying. But then, the Good Fairy Almanac came down from the heavens, and granted me three wishes. My first wish was for enough change to catch the bus home. My second wish was to stop seeing sounds and smelling colours. My third wish, the Important one, was to bend space and time, and go back to that second before I had clicked the Evil Advertisement, and instead click on the link to LiveJournal. Thus I stand before you today, and bang into your tiny little brain the evils of light bulbs, and LL CoolJay.